Welcome to Weisel Associates, Inc.

Are you a manufacturer or distributor who is frustrated by insufficient sales volume and exposure to the retail markets? You're probably experiencing one or more of the following problems:

  • You're concerned that industry consolidation will leave you with only a handful of customers
  • You suffer under the strain of the overhead that comes with keeping a direct sales force
  • Mutually beneficial alliances with other vendors within the industry seem to elude you...
  • You know your products would sell better if your customers knew how to use them...
  • You're certain that more independent business exists but you're not sure how to go and get it.

Increase Your Sales

If you're experiencing any of these problems, what you need is a sales force that works diligently to deliver a steady stream of new business.

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Weisel Associates

Meet Our Staff

Weisel Associates employs a dynamic group of individuals with various sales backgrounds.

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Our Manufacturers


The companies that we are privileged to represent.

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our territories

Our Territories

See what regions in which we currently provide representation.

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