What We Do

Face to face Presentations

  • We set aside specific time to present only your products at center stage.
  • In combining our knowledgeable and professional approach, leveraging our established relationships, we greatly increase the sales success rate.
  • People have always bought from people; we believe technology increases our effectiveness through communication, but that it cannot replace the passion and trust exhibited by our sales representatives.

Product Demonstration

  • Our commitment is to become experts at using our manufacturer's products.
  • Our purpose is to show how these products work and our passion for them.
  • The result is an educated buyer who will personally commit to your product line and is better equipped to maximize the sales of your products.

Merchandising Strategy

  • Ensure that your products dominate the product mix
  • Strategically integrate your products to show the value of how they work together
  • Seize opportunities for additional merchandising space
  • Have an ongoing dialogue with the buyer on how to most effectively display your product line

Test Programs

  • We are experts at setting up test programs that will determine how successful your product sales will be.
  • Monitor the progress of the tests and communicate results to the buyer and you
  • Make adjustments and retest when necessary
  • Facilitate the transition from a test program to an "all store", "in line program

Store Set Up

  • Follow the set up process from origination of order through store opening
  • Set programs: placing signage, models display racks and product
  • Develop a relationship between the set up teams and the manufacturer
  • The companies we represent are on center stage with the customer
  • Save the customer and manufacturer set up labor costs
  • Write orders

    • The order writing process develops a trusting bond between your customer and your sales representative.
    • Writing orders allows our representatives to appropriately match your products to your customers needs.
    • The Weisel sales team will get a larger share of each stores purchasing budget.
    • Customers will receive any current promotions or buy-ins that are designed to increase sales.


    Our daily commitment to these activities will ensure continual growth and maintain a strong presence of your company and your product line. If this is the type of representation that you desire, please call Allan Weisel at 1-800-966-7699 to discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals.


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    Our Territories

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